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NSF Potato Genome
NSF Potato Genome
NSF Potato Genome NSF Potato Genome
NSF Potato Genome NSF Potato Genome
NSF Potato Genome
NSF Potato Genome
NSF Potato Genome
Databases & Resources

The structural and functional resources generated by the NSF Potato Genome Project are publicly available and can be accessed through the following links:

TIGR Potato Genomics Home
Portal to all NSF Potato Genome Project databases, resources and information maintained by project collaborators at The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR).

Solanaceae Gene Expression Database
TIGR database housing Solanaceae gene expression data generated by the project.

Expression Profiling Service
TIGR now offers a gene expression profiling service for the Solanaceae community, allowing researchers to submit mRNA for their choice of microarray hybridization experiments.

Potato Microarrays
Information on the TIGR potato microarrays generated by the project, including data on microarray composition and protocols for microarray distribution and use.

Solanaceae Gene Indices
All publicly available EST and other sequences from GenBank have been assembled into contigs and built into Gene Indices. Currently gene indices have been constructed for six Solanaceae species:

          Solanum tuberosum (potato)
          Lycopersicon esculentum (tomato)
          Nicotiana tabaccum (tobacco)
          Capsicum annuum (pepper)
          Nicotiana benthamiana

Solanaceae Simple Sequence Repeat Databases
Simple sequence repeats (SSR) have been identified for the six Solanaceae gene indices using an in silico approach:

          Potato SSR
          Tomato SSR
          Tobacco SSR
          Pepper SSR
          Petunia SSR
          N. benthamiana SSR

Genomic Sequences
TIGR database housing genomic sequences of Solanaceae disease resistance clusters generated by the project.

SOLAR Database
TIGR database housing all Solanaceae R gene sequences generated by the project.
          Physical Maps
          Genome Sequence & Annotation Data
          Disease Resistance Candidate Genes

cDNA and BAC clones
All potato cDNA clones the project has sequenced can be obtained from the University of Arizona Genomics Institute.

NSF Potato Genome

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