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NSF Potato Genome
NSF Potato Genome
NSF Potato Genome NSF Potato Genome
NSF Potato Genome NSF Potato Genome
NSF Potato Genome
NSF Potato Genome
NSF Potato Genome

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GM potato is 'blight resistant'
Taking the bite out of late blight resistance
Bold strategy to defeat potato late blight


Makah Nation
Heritage College
El Cerrito High School
Yakama Nation
UC Davis Partnership for Plant Genomics Education
Outreach Links
University of Arizona Biotech Project


The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR)
Potato Genomics Home
Solanaceae Gene Expression Database
Expression Profiling Service
Potato Microarrays
Potato Gene Indices
Tomato Gene Indices
Tobacco Gene Indices
Pepper Gene Indices
Petunia Gene Indices
Nicotiana benthamiana Gene Indices
Solanaceae Simple Sequence Repeat Database
Genomic Sequences
Solanaceae Disease Resistance Gene Database
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UC Berkeley

University of California, Berkeley
California Institute for Quantitative Biomedical Research
Baker Lab
Trans-Kingdom Innate Immunity Group
Botanical Gardens
College of Natural Resources
UCB Biotech
Dept. of Plant & Microbial Biology
Plant Gene Expression Center (PGEC)
PGEC Seminars
Dept. of Molecular & Cell Biology (MCB)
MCB Departmental Seminars
UCB Graduate Group in Computation Biology Seminars
California Institute for Computational Biomedical Research

UMN Twin Cities

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Dept. of Ecology, Evolution & Behavior
May Lab
Bradeen Lab


United States Department of Agriculture
USDA Agricultural Research Service
United States Potato Genebank

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Oakland Athletics Baseball
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NSF Potato Genome

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